Alliance Research & Recovery, Inc.

FACT: There are hundreds of billions of dollars of unclaimed monies being held by various government authorities and private institutions throughout the United States.

Alliance Research & Recovery ("Alliance") is a national asset locator and recovery company which specializes in recovering unclaimed monies due to individuals, banking institutions and other private entities. Our methodology and resource tools allow us to employ the latest technology to monitor a vast array of unclaimed accounts and subsequently search for the party to which these monies legally belong. We pride ourselves on recovering unclaimed monies ranging from recently displaced accounts to ones originating from Court cases over 30 years ago.

Alliance's approach has always been one of complete transparency. We disclose all pertinent information to our prospective clients as we work together to form an effective partnership. At Alliance, it is always of paramount importance that our clients receive comfort in the knowledge that their cases are being handled by experienced and straight forward professionals.

Most importantly, Alliance operates strictly on a contingent basis, which plainly means that our fee is only payable in the event that we are successful in the recovery of unclaimed monies on your behalf. There are never any out of pocket costs or expenses of any kind when working with Alliance.

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